HydrolatÇa sent le sapinHydrosol235 ml


Hydrolat de sapin. Une odeur douce et naturelle de feuilles de sapin distillées.


Fir hydrosol. The soft and natural smell of distilled fir leaves.

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All natural fir hydrosol

This product is NOT an air freshener or odor-eliminator. It has a delicate smell.

What to do with hydrosols :

  • Tonic, face wash
  • Mild perfume for the body
  • Add to water in a humidifier (hydrosols can be mixed directly to water contrarily to essential oils)
  • Spray on clothes when ironing
  • Spray on linens and clothes in drawers
  • Spray on decorations or a table centerpiece

Ingredients INCI : Eau/Water, Abies balsamea

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